REBECCA: Even cheerful people wear black sometimes... they do! Have you ever been to New York? They wear black all the time.

SAM: Those are not cheerful people.

-from Liz Amberly's RIPPLES
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BLUEBERRY WALTZ, Festival Plays, volume 28
(Samuel French, Inc.)
  THE 11:05, Best Ten Minute Plays of 2006
(Smith & Kraus)
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RIPPLES – Drama. Full-length play. 4 males/1 female
A prank. Two brothers. Their best friend’s death. And a secret that leads to more complications than either of them could have imagined.
  DOUBLE WHAMMY – Comedy. Short play. 2 females/plus walk-ons
In this comedy, two women on blind dates vie for the same cafe table and soon discover that the competition has just begun.
  WHISPER DOWN THE LANE – Drama. Full-length play. 3 females/1male
When Claire meets a quirky stranger with a bullhorn on a rocky cliff, together they unravel the mystery of her father’s death.
  A LULLABY LOST – Drama. Full-length play. 2 females/2males
A college student interns at her father’s adoption agency where she meets a Guatemalan woman who claims her child has been stolen, and she must choose her alliances and uncover the truth.
  THE 11:05 – Drama. Short play. 2 males
When two men miss the same train, one by mistake and the other on purpose, their chance meeting leads to an unlikely friendship.
  BEYOND THE CABIN - Commissioned Work. Full length multimedia project with video, original music and live theatre. Inspired by the writings of Harriet Beecher Stowe, this multi-media event presents an informative and creative journey.  
  BLUEBERRY WALTZ – Comic-drama. Short play. 1 male/1female
When her husband escapes a near death accident in a coal mine, a woman must reveal her thoughts to the man she almost lost.
  TURNSTILES – Comedy. Short play. 2 females
This comedy brings together two women who have an interesting -- and dangerous -- way of finding freedom and dealing with the men in their lives.
  DREAM VACATION – Comedy. One act play. 2 females
On the brink of her fortieth birthday, a high-strung executive plans a trip to Paris with her sister, but ends up with an unexpected view of her future.
  PUSH AND A SHOVE – Comedy. Short play. 3 males/1 female
Hopping on the train, two buddies meet a pair of quirky out-of-towners and a beautiful redhead as they risk finding love before the end of the line.
  A LATE SUMMER – Drama. One act play. 2 males/2 females
Two couples -- one older, one younger -- find that they have more in common than first meets the eye.
  ASKING PRICE – Comedy. One act play. 2 males/1 female
When a young man puts his apartment up for sale, the last two people to arrive at the open house are his ex-girlfriend ready for a reunion and a neurotic buyer who won’t take no for an answer.
  Winner – Samuel French Short Play Festival for BLUEBERRY WALTZ

Winner, Audience Favorite – American Globe/Turnip 15-Min. Play Fest. for THE 11:05

Winner – Full-Length Play Contest Asylum Theatre, Las Vegas for WHISPER DOWN THE LANE

Finalist – American Co-op Theatre One-Act Play Festival THE 11:05

Semi-Finalist – American Co-op Theatre Full-Length Play Festival WHISPER DOWN THE LANE

Honorable Mention - Stage 3 Theatre Full-Length Play Competition for WHISPER DOWN THE LANE

NYU - Screenwriting Certificate Program
London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA)
      Post-Grad Classical Theatre Certificate
Syracuse University - BFA in Music Theater (cum laude)

Fordham University - MS in Teaching


The Dramatists Guild
The International Centre for Women Playwrights
Manhattan Oracles

WorkShop Theater Company